A Brief Look at Our First Drone footage and Lights

This video shows to breakthroughs!

The first breakthrough is, we bought a drone and are trying to figure out how to fly it, record the ADV1, and not crash either! We are definitely “bootstrapping,” including creating video for Pasq and the ADV1. At some point, we hope to be able to afford professional videographers, but while we’re just getting started, it’s up to the Pasq team!

The second breakthrough you will see on this video are the Denali T3 Pods on the back of the ADV1. In this video you’ll see them acting as running and brake lights. There was no need for turn signals where we filmed, only for everyone nearby to be very careful they didn’t accidently caught up in the propellers of the drone!

It’s also important to note that there is a wiring harness providing the juice and the input to those lights. That is happening, again, because of Denali Electronics. They worked very carefully with us to not only create the wiring harness for the ADV1, but also the wiring harness for the Yamaha Super Ténéré.

You might also notice that there are some side “running lights” toward the front of the ADV1, just behind the hitch arms. We are experimenting with various ways of providing as much visibility for the ADV1 as possible.

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