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Launching Summer 2021

Launching Summer 2021

The first trailer designed to go everywhere your ADV bike goes.

The ADV1 — giving you more options, so you can explore more.


ADV1 Features

The ADV1 is built to stand up to  rugged adventures, without slowing you down.

A few places we took the  Pasq® ADV1 in 2022:

August 26-28 2022 in Loveland, CO 

Sept 28-Oct 2, 2022 in Waynesville, NC

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Our first production run will be in 2023 and will be a limited run. Add your name to our queue to ensure your spot.

The Pasq® ADV1 is designed and built in Chicago, IL by Adventurers for Adventurers.

The ADV1 captures the spirit of the wild pasque flower—sturdy, resilient, adaptable and beautiful.


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pasq adv1 trailer packed with panniers

How the ADV1 was born.

Designed and built in Chicago, IL.

Pasq® started in 2020 because Rod Holmes wanted a trailer for his two-up travels with his wife. He couldn’t find an ADV-specific trailer that would cruise the Interstate, and then bang along a rough fireroad to their favorite camping spots. Whether through fortune, karma, or luck, he connected with design engineer and motorcycle enthusiast, Luke Pomranky. Together we’ve been working to make the most amazing adventure trailer ever built.

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Every journey has a purpose.

Pasq® was founded to help you explore. We believe that with exploration comes an appreciation for the world around you. We are committed to keeping the lands we love vibrant and flourishing. That’s why Pasq® is a member of 1% for the Planet. 1% of all ADV1 sales go toward preserving the lands (and its critters) we all love to travel in.

A 17” ADV spoked wheel with a 2.5” rear rim and KTM-like front hub for superior reliability and maximum tire options

6061-T6 aluminum construction

An elegant adaptor for the BMW 1200 & 1250 GS rear hub

Custom axle adaptor for each make and model of ADV bikes

A Shinko 705, 80/20 tubeless ADV tire

Patent pending hitch for amazing stability

Our built-in aluminum pannier is 46 liters, waterproof, lockable, and has a dual USB charging port.

Bike-specific mounting plate centers the ADV1 exactly behind your bike.

Denali® Lighting for function and safety

Adjustable preload and rebound air shock with 7" of travel

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Meet the ADV1.  A single wheel motorcycle trailer.

More options for more adventure.

Bring all the gear you need and nothing more. Traveling with ADV1 lets you bring along the panniers and dry bags you already have, and cast iron skillet you always wished you could have while camping but didn’t have the room.

Single wheel, more fun. 

Your bike leans into corners. Your trailer should too.  The ADV1 flies behind you, acting more like your bike than a car. Lean into a curve and the ADV1 leans with you. Swerve around a pothole and the ADV1 swerves around it with you.

You bought an ADV bike for a reason, to get outdoors and stay there. The ADV1 is made to go where your bike goes. The Fox air suspension has seven inches of travel, so you can take The ADV1 with you down gravel, dirt, and even single-track roads. 

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Reserve Yours

Adventure begins where the pavement ends.

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October 6-8, 2022 in Lebanon, Tennessee

Stay tuned for our 2023 events!