Assembly of the First Pasq ADV1 Prototype

See how the very first prototype of the ADV1 was assembled.

We start by getting the motorcycle (Rod’s Yamaha Super Ténéré) ready for the trailer to attach. Next we show lots of photos and video of the ADV1 going through it’s final assembly. Lots of photos of the amazing welding job done on the trailer.

Next you see the very first time the air shock was inflated and we got to see how the suspension linkage worked. (Spoiler alert…it’s amazing.)

We then attach the ADV1 to the Super Ténéré. We did it a little differently while putting everything together. We attached the hitch arms first to the bike, and then put the axle through the main pivot. In normal usage, the hitch arms would be attached to the trailer, and then the hooks on the arms would grab onto the axle adaptor on the bike. We don’t want anyone to get the wrong impression!

Then we take the ADV1 out on its maiden voyage. And of course, the first thing we do is begin to swerve around to see how the trailer follows the bike. You will also see the bike and the ADV1 go through a man-made puddle, and it is clear that only one tire track (not two or three) come out of the puddle. We got our perfect alignment.

The video ends with everyone involved in creating the ADV1, posing with the single-wheel adventure touring motorcycle trailer!

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