Prototype Completed & BMW MOA Rally Booth

The Pasq ADV1 Takes Flight!

We have been very busy here at Pasq®. We have completed our first prototype of The ADV1®, and we are thrilled to say that it has met and surpassed all our expectations. We couldn’t be happier! We finished it just in time to show it off at the BMW MOA National Rally. Come on along for the trip!

The Final Assembly and Maiden Voyage

With the tubes laser-cut (see our last email for more details) we began the painstaking work of assembling and welding them together in exactly the right configuration.

Next, we had to assemble the dozens of parts that make up the ADV1: pressing in sealed bearings, assembling the suspension, finalizing the hitch and all its pieces, and much more.

We, of course, had to “test” the 7 inches of travel in our air suspension!

And then it was finally time for the first-ever tow of The ADV1 behind a motorcycle. Rod got the honors, but there were many people who made this moment happen: it would have never happened without Luke, Alex, Amanda, and of course, the amazing Pilot Digital Marketing team.

Watch the final assembly and tow

Showing Off The ADV1 at the BMW MOA National Rally

We had The ADV1 powder coated and re-assembled just in time to leave for Great Falls, Montana to show her off to all the riders attending the BMW MOA National Rally. The amazing volunteers running the rally expected about 5,000 riders to attend, and I think at least half of them came by our booth and checked out The ADV1! We talked so much on the first day we started to lose our voices.

Most importantly were the visitors’ reactions. The overwhelming response was how amazed they were at the unique design and the possibilities The ADV1 created.

The ADV1 was designed and built to act like a roof rack, but for your motorcycle. You can attach panniers, dry bags, coolers, Rotopax, and anything else you can dream up. What was also interesting was the number of requests for options for The ADV1:

  • Bicycle racks (we could envision being able to carry 3 bicycles)
  • Kayak rack (only one probably…and it’d have to be a shorty!)
  • Dog-carrier (I don’t think we’ll head in this direction)

We also designed The ADV1 to do whatever your ADV bike does. It will go down the Interstate at high speed, and it will also trail along behind you perfectly on gravel roads and not-too-technical trails. Whatever you’re likely to do on a GS, Super Tenere, Africa Twin, Super Adventure…The ADV1 will follow along and carry your gear, so the load is not on your bike’s suspension.

Here’s The ADV1 with a Giant Loop RTW soft pannier and Rod’s old Givi hard pannier attached. On the opposite side of The ADV1, you can see the distinctive red of a Rotopax fuel canister, and there is a soft cooler toward the front.

After the show was over, we let the first R1250GSA take The ADV1 for a quick test spin. It went well!

Trademarked and Patent Pending

Part of why we chose the name Pasq® (an alternative spelling of a prairie flower) is because it was unique, so we easily got the trademark for the name. We have also been granted a trademark to use ADV1® in the motorsports world. Lastly, we were also granted a trademark for our mark, which we think can be seen as a bird flying to the right, or a road through the mountains.

Equally exciting is, before we headed out to Great Falls, we were granted a Patent Pending for The ADV1. So, during the next year we’ll be finalizing the paperwork on at least three or four unique pieces of The ADV1. Our patent lawyer gets paid by the patent, so she’s happy too.

Our Next Adventure – Getting the ADV1 to You!

The most frequent question we heard at the BMW rally was “when can I get mine?”

Now that the ADV1 has taken flight, we’re working on making sure it will travel with you to any destination you choose. We’ll be refining, registering for federal licenses, and most importantly, road testing The ADV1 this summer and fall, so stay on the lookout for updates from the road, and to be the first to know when you can pre-order your very own.

Looking for ADV1 Testers!

We are looking for a couple of BMW GS or GSA riders who would be interested in testing the ADV1 this summer. You should have a decently long trip planned for August or September, preferably with both on- and off-road sections. Preference will be given to riders who are within 400 miles of Chicago (our hometown) or who are able to pick up The ADV1 in Chicago. If you are interested, please contact

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