The Pasq ADV1 Single-wheel Adventure Motorcycle Trailer on Dirt Roads

Not all of life is smooth sailing, and many actively look for a bumpier ride!

In this video we show a loaded ADV1 cruising down some dirt roads in picturesque Arizona. This is not rough, off-road traveling. It was a wonderful, undulating, twisty smooth dirt road that was a lot of fun to ride. We had the ADV1 loaded with Jesse panniers, a favorite cheap dry bag, and two RotopaX.

We were pulling the ADV1 with a BMW R1250GS, which requires our special axle adaptor. We also had a Harley Davidson Pan America on the trip, which was a lot of fun.

The Arizona desert has long been a favorite for ADV riders, and after this trip, we definitely understand why. Hope you enjoy watching the ADV1 being pulled through some amazing landscapes.

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