The aDV1 Trailer

A Single-wheel motorcycle trailer designed for Adventure bikes

Gear up for Adventure

Heavy duty and lightweight, the ADV1 motorcycle trailer will stand up to your most rugged adventures without slowing you down. Bring all the gear you need and nothing more. The ADV1 has a low center of gravity making it easy to turn by leaning your bike.

  • Made from durable, lightweight 5052 aluminum
  • CNC-machined, bolted-together frame for light weight and repairability
  • Designed to take your gear’s weight off your bike’s suspension
  • Attaches to any ADV motorcycle with a hollow rear axle
  • 6.5″ of air-suspension travel the absorb both on- and off-road obstacles

Your bike leans into corners. Your trailer should too.

The ADV1 trailer Gives you Unlimited Options

The ADV1 flies behind you, acting like a perfect pillion. It leans perfectly into curves, not impacting your line through the twisties. Swerve around a pothole and the ADV1 swerves around it with you.

The single wheel design lets the trailer track exactly behind the bike. The narrow design means the trailer and your gear are not wider than the bike, giving you many more options than a 2-wheeled trailer.

Single wheel design:

  • A single, custom-built, 17” spoked ADV-specific wheel
  • Built-in, waterproof storage with USB charging port
  • 6.5″ of suspension travel for all road conditions
  • Low center of gravity
  • Capacity to carry your gear…and goodies: a cooler, extra fuel, and more
  • The highest quality everything: bearings, lights, machining, materials, shock, etc. No shortcuts are taken.

An aDV motorcycle Trailer that Moves With You

Patent-pending trapezoid hinge

Our hinge design locks the ADV1 trailer in place at high speed for increased stability. At lower speeds the hinge swings freely and so you can control your bike as you would without a trailer.

The Pasq ADV1’s proprietary hitch system is designed to pull behind any motorcycle with a hollow rear axle.

With the trapezoid hinge, you are not a 2-wheeled vehicle pulling a 1-wheeled trailer. You’re actually a 3-wheeled vehicle that is phenomenally stable at all speeds.


ADV1 trailer Comfort Options

Our cargo trailer is easy to load and compatible with top-line ADV gear for a comfortable ride.

Our flexible sliding t-bolt mounting systems, along with our universal mounting-plate system can allow all the most popular hard and soft panniers to attach. Or, you can attach your cooler, your camping gear, some Rotopax for fuel and water, or pretty much whatever you want.

BYOA (Bring your own Anything)

Traveling with the ADV1 lets you bring along the panniers and dry bags you already have, that cooler and cast iron skillet you always wished you could have while camping, but didn’t have the room or were worried about the extra couple of pounds.

  • Your favorite hard or soft panniers
  • Fuel bags and plastic containers
  • Spare tires
  • Locked, waterproof internal storage
  • Coming Soon: a bicycle rack!

Get the ADV1 Trailer for You (and your Bike)

the hitch side of the adv1 trailer, featuring the pasq triangle logo in white on the black metal main compartment.

Supported ADV Bikes

The Pasq ADV1’s proprietary hitch system is designed to pull behind any adventure motorcycle with a hollow rear axle. We’re always working on making the ADV1 compatible with more ADV bikes.

The ADV1 Motorcycle trailer is compatible with:

  • BMW R1200/1250GS
  • BMW R700/800GS
  • Honda AfricaTwin
  • Triumph Tiger
  • Yamaha Super Ténéré
  • Yamaha T700
  • Harley Davidson Pan America
  • Suzuki V-Strom
  • Kawasaki Versys
  • Ducati Multistrada
  • Ducati DesertX
  • KTM Adventure & Super Adventure
  • More coming… let us know what your bike is!

coming in 2024

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Frequently Asked Questions about the ADV1 Motorcycle Trailer

Does the ADV1 only work with adventure touring (ADV) motorcycles?

Our first trailer, the ADV1, is designed for adventure touring motorcycles. We intend to also develop trailers for cruisers, enduros, and e-bikes. We also have requests from snowmobilers to “put ski on that thing!” 

What is the ADV1 made of?

The main frame and components of the trailer is made of 5052 aluminum which is cut, chamfered, and machined from ⅜” plate by a CNC router. The swing arm and suspension linkages are made from 6061-T6 aluminum. There are a few parts made from 7000 series aluminum. All roller and needle bearings are high-end and sealed. The hardware is either stainless steel or zinc plated steel.

How much does the ADV1 weigh without any luggage?

Just under 100 lbs., of which 26 lbs. is the wheel and the tire.

Can all moto panniers be used with the ADV1?

Using mounting rails or our universal mounting plate, nearly all panniers can work with the ADV1.

Read more FAQs about the ADV1.

How much does the ADV1 trailer cost?

We outlined the pricing for the ADV1 on our pricing page – read about pricing.