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Does the Pasq ADV1 work with my motorcycle?

Nearly all mid- and large-sized ADV bikes have hollow rear axles, which we can use to attach the ADV1 to. There are some ADV bikes that do not have hollow rear axles. Notable examples are the Kawasaki KLR650, Suzuki DLR650, and Moto Guzzi ADVs. We are working on ways to allow the ADV1 to attach to them. If your bike is a 650 cc or larger ADV bike with a hollow rear axle, we will likely be able to attach the ADV1 to it.

We have designed and made an adaptor for the BMW R1200/1250GS. Details can be found here.

For a hitching tutorial and detailed guides on towing Pasq trailers with your bike of choice, check out our Bike Guides.

Does the ADV1 only work with adventure touring (ADV) motorcycles?

Our first trailer, the ADV1, is designed for adventure touring motorcycles. We intend to also develop trailers for cruisers, enduros, and e-bikes. We are also getting requests to adapt our trailer design for snowmobiles. 

How does the trapezoid hinge work?

Our patent-pending trapezoidal hinge design moves the effective pivot point forward to the rear axle of the vehicle. This allows the ADV1 to essentially lock in place when you’re going straight or at speed and leaning to steer. However, when you’re at slower speeds, maneuvering by steering with your handlebars, the hinge swings freely and allows you to control your bike as you would without a trailer. 

Here’s a more in-depth video demonstration of the trapezoid hinge: https://www.pasqadventure.com/how-the-trapezoid-hinge-works/

What is the ADV1 made of?

The main body of the trailer is made of 6061-T6 aluminum which is cut, chamfered, and machined from ⅜” plate by a CNC router. The swing arm and suspension linkages is also made from 6061-T6 aluminum. There are a few parts made from 7000 series aluminum. The hitch arms are made of steel. All roller and needle bearings are high-end and sealed. The hardware is either stainless steel or zinc plated steel.

Does the ADV1 have tail lights?

Yes, our wiring harness and lights are designed by Denali Electronics. Our extremely bright LED tail light pods act as running lights, brake lights, and turning signals.

How much does the ADV1 weigh without any luggage?

Just under 100 lbs., of which 26 lbs is the wheel and the tire.

How much can the ADV1 carry?

We recommend a maximum load capacity of 120 lbs.

Can all moto panniers be used with the ADV1?

Using mounting rails, 350mm x 250mm rectangular loops, or our universal mounting plate, nearly all panniers can work with the ADV1.

Is the tire a standard size?

The rim is 17” diameter by 2.5” wide. This means a wide variety of tires can be used on the ADV1. The approved tire sizes range from a 90/90 to 120/90. 

When will the ADV1 be available for purchase?

Our best estimate is Q2 of 2024. The best place to get updates on the production process is by signing up for our newsletter.

Where can I see a Pasq trailer in person?

We like to let the ADV1 do what it does best: hit the road. You can find us at trade shows, ADV meetups, back roads and freeways across the country. Check our blog for the most updated event schedule: Upcoming Events

Where is the trailer made?

Pasq HQ is located in the Ravenswood neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois, USA. All major components for the ADV1 are sourced within 100 miles of Chicago, except for the shock absorber (from Minnesota), the wheel (from Utah), and the tire/tube (Japan). Hardware suppliers are in Chicago, but the hardware comes from all over the world. Pasq then assembles the components to make the ADV1 in Chicago.

Do I have to license the ADV1 in the US?

It depends on your state: more info here

Can I use the ADV1 in my country?

The Pasq ADV1 is assembled in the USA, but engineered to be road-worthy in countries across the globe. Not all countries or regions allow trailers, though, so check your local regulations for details on traveling internationally with your Pasq trailer. A good source for Europeans to start is here.

Wanting Pasq to ship your trailer abroad? We do not currently have a formal export system, but we are able to contact international carriers (DHL, UPS, etc) and get pricing and the costs of import duties and taxes for most countries. We will ask the customer to pay those fees upfront, and the ADV1 should be delivered to their door.

International Orders

Who will use the ADV1?

There are several common use cases: 

  1. Two-up couples who need more storage for camping and long trips. 
  2. Extended trips, such as the many people who dream of riding to the Arctic Ocean at Prudhoe Bay, Alaska or Tuktoyaktuk, Canada. It’s especially handy to bring your off-road tires with you to change them as you get to the “fun” stuff on such trips.
  3. Tour leaders who need to bring extra gear. 
  4. Anyone needing to haul equipment into remote areas, such as trail maintainers, fire fighters in remote areas, tree planters, missionaries taking supplies to remote villages, etc. 
  5. People who prefer to take their bicycle to the trailhead via motorcycle instead of car. 

And these are just a few of the ways people have told us they want to use the ADV1.

Why make a one-wheeled trailer?

All designs have pros and cons. For ADV riders, a single-wheel trailer has many more pros than cons. The main reason we make a one-wheeled trailer is Rod wanted one, and he thought others might want one too.  Click here for details.

I’ve never seen anything like the ADV1 before. Why?

Because a single-wheel motorcycle trailer with this design has never been made before.

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