Poems to a One Wheel Motorcycle Trailer

A motorcycle being ridden past three cars in the style of impressionists. AI generated.

Many people are beginning to worry about if artificial intelligence is going to take over their job. Given my day job is all digital, I guess I should be worried as well. But perhaps we can use these tools to help out this business of taking aluminum, steel, and rubber and turning it into a tool that people will find useful! I gave it a shot.

I asked ChatGPT to write some poems in various styles about one-wheel motorcycle trailers. Then had an AI image generator crank out different people riding motorcycles, in different artistic styles.

As I did this, what I discovered is, the writing is sometimes surprisingly good! It was difficult to get the images to do what I wanted. I started trying to get it to draw a one-wheeled motorcycle trailer, but it seemed to have no idea what I was talking about.

So, enjoy what a huge bank of computers somewhere thinks about one-wheeled motorcycle trailers!


Riding a motorcycle in the rain in Japanese woodblock print style. Made by an AI image generator.

Single wheel glides on,
Towing gear with perfect poise,
Journey of the road.


There was a biker with great gear,
Whose trailer had only one rear,
It balanced just fine,
On a single wheel line,
And gave the biker a big cheer.


Shakespeare riding a motorcycle. Made by an AI image generator.

Amidst the rumble of the engine’s roar,
A single wheel trailer trails along,
Its steady presence, a rider’s heart adores,
As on the open road they journey on.

It follows true, with balance and with grace,
A perfect partner for the motorcycle ride,
A sturdy frame to carry gear and pace,
Onward and upward, to the horizon wide.

A marvel of design, with strength to bear,
A rider’s load, and all that they require,
It adds an element of flair,
To a rider’s journey, with great desire.

So here’s to the single wheel motorcycle trailer,
A trusty companion, a rider’s true sailor.

Free Verse

A hippie riding a motorcycle in the style of Andy Worhol. Made by an AI image generator.

A single wheel glides on the road ahead,
A companion to the rider’s steed,
Its frame sturdy, yet lightweight,
With balance and poise, it’s a marvel of design.

Onward it rolls, with the rider in tow,
Carrying their gear and belongings,
A steady presence, ever so reliable,
Never faltering, never slowing down.

The trailer follows true, through valleys and hills,
A loyal partner to the motorcycle’s journey,
Its single wheel a thing of beauty,
And a testament to the rider’s bravery.

With every mile, the bond grows stronger,
Between the rider, the motorcycle, and the trailer,
A journey of adventure, and endless wonder,
With the single wheel motorcycle trailer, nothing is impossible.


a woman riding a motorcycle in a top hat on a foggy day. Generated by an AI tool

Oh single wheel motorcycle trailer,
How you balance with such grace and poise,
A companion to the rider, ever so true,
On every journey, with every noise.

With just one wheel, you glide with ease,
As the motorcycle engine roars,
A trusty partner, to carry gear and more,
On every adventure, to new shores.

You follow true, with balance and strength,
A marvel of design, and ingenuity too,
You bear the weight of rider and gear,
With every mile, and every view.

Your frame is sturdy, yet lightweight,
Your presence, always reliable and strong,
A loyal partner, in every sense,
To the rider and the journey, all along.

So here’s to you, single wheel motorcycle trailer,
A true hero, on every rider’s quest,
May you continue to ride with grace and strength,
And always guide us, on every journey’s quest.


A motorcycle on top of scrabble tiles

Onward it rolls, with balance and grace,
Never faltering, at any pace,
Ever so reliable, on every ride,
With gear in tow, by the rider’s side.

Each journey, a testament to its design,
And the rider’s trust, as they align,
Long roads, winding paths, and hills to climb,
Loyal companion, to the rider’s chime.

Incredible, its balance, with just one wheel,
Never doubting, its strength to reveal,
Elegant and sleek, on the open road,
With the rider and the motorcycle, the perfect load.

(A note: I instructed ChatGPT to write a poem so that the first letters of each line spelled out “one wheel.” As you can see…it couldn’t do it, even given about 10 tries.)


An old-style barmaid riding a motorcycle. The image was generated by AI.

In days of old, the biker’s tale was told,
Of the open road, and adventures bold,
Of the wind in their hair, and the freedom to roam,
With their motorcycle, and trailer in tow, they’d roam.

And with just one wheel, the trailer would glide,
In perfect balance, with the motorcycle’s stride,
Carrying the biker’s gear, and all they require,
On every journey, with a fierce desire.

The trailer was a marvel, of design and strength,
A true partner, on every journey’s length,
Never faltering, and always true,
To the rider and the motorcycle too.

Through valleys and hills, and winding roads,
The trailer followed, with its perfect load,
Ever so reliable, and always strong,
A loyal companion, all along.

So here’s to the one wheel motorcycle trailer,
A trusty partner, and a rider’s true sailor,
May it continue to ride, with balance and grace,
And guide us on every journey’s endless race.

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