Is the ADV1 Metric or Imperial?

The words, "ADV1 Metric or Imperial" on a background made of different old tape measures

As we get closer and closer to shipping ADV1s, we are hearing a question more frequently which we should address. The question comes because the ADV1 is going to be built in the US: will the hardware on the ADV1 be metric or imperial?

Metric, Of course

Although we are going to build the ADV1 in the US…and the imperial system rules here, and it would be much easier to use imperial fasteners, we are going to be using 100% metric fasteners. Every bolt, screw, and nut on the ADV1 will be metric.

We are a part of the motorcycle industry, and the adventure touring world in particular. Every ADV bike—including the Harley Pan America—is made with 100% metric fasteners. We are not going to force owners of the ADV1 to carry two sets of tools.

What’s not metric?

It’s true that everyone involved in designing and building the ADV1 grew up in the imperial system, where playing with fractions is a way of life. (Hmmm…is 5/16″ bigger or smaller than 3/8″?) And although all the fasteners are all metric, many of the other non-tool measurements were made in imperial.

Why do that? Much of the materials we are working with are made with imperial measurements. For example, the frame components of the ADV1 are cut from 3/8″ (9.52mm) think aluminum plate. And those plates are 4′ wide and 8′ tall (1.22m x 2.44m). To reduce the waste to the greatest extent possible, it means we often think of lengths of parts in inches. In fact, our CAD software is set to metric as we design, but we are often found converting the metric data in the CAD software to imperial while making decisions.

A bunch of tools in a rolling tool pack.

What Tools Do I Need to Carry?

We will publish a complete list of what tools we recommend you carry, as well as a list of every wrench needed to completely disassemble the ADV1.

Stay tuned!

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